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Would love to have a closer look at daily life in the Kampong?

Just cross the street. You will find two old kampongs near Shelter Hostel Malang. We can show you around. Have a look at the local market and some other local spots. Free of charge. For you.

Malang kampong tour - free of charge, gratis

The Shelter team works together with Smartine Indonesia Travel to help the locals in our neighborhood. Those who we help a bit, don't have the opportunity or the possibility to turn their lives around for the better. Most of them are old people without a social safety net, both family or the government. 
This tour is possible whenever one of us is available. 


Route and things to see in Malang's kampong

  • small roads through the kampong, only accessible for pedestrians and motorbikes
  • pre-school
  • without the feeling that you are looking to monkeys in a cage: local life, daily activities, local houses, local poverty
  • herbal garden
  • local market
  • tasting local food


Walking distance

The run is between 1 and 2 km, depending on your interests and the daily activities by the time of your visit. We can adjust while walking. 
While walking we can exchange knowledge.


What to bring

You might need some drinking water. And walking shoes, but flip-flops will do as well. An easy peasy stroll. Get into the Javanese speed.


How to join the kampong tour Malang?

Stay with us and ask... 

Room Booking

Thanks for staying with us! Please fill out the form below and our staff will be in contact within 24 hours. If you wish to book for tonight, please call or WhatsApp: +62.81.332.095.007.