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Visit Malang city. Malang has chilly highland temperatures and a rich cultural history.
Actually an undiscovered gem you don not want to miss.

Visit Malang city and Malang's bird market - East Java, Indonesia

Malang has more to offer then the below 10 mentioned reasons. But, as I like to make a list to show you some of Malang's remarkable places, this is it. Below the list, I mention some other worthy spots, but defenitely not all spots...
And, culture, friendliness, homy-feelings, village-like.... Some terms that can't be captured in a list.
Visit Malang city and discover why you indeed did not want to mis this gem.


10 reasons why you should visit Malang city

Of course there are more reasons than listed on the list...
Malang also often offers unexpected local events... varying from carnival to a cloths market.
Stay tuned.

  • 01 Malang's town square was built in 1882 and has been upgraded several times. The town square - city park - is an interesting spot to chill out, to see locals in their daily life and a nice spot to crash after your visit to Malang's most hidden original stores. These stores in the small street around the town square are a mix of Chinese, Arab and local cultures. Many impressive historical buildings surround the town square, including the Great Mosque Jami.
  • 02Local food; bakso Malang, Cwie Mie and Angsle. Try Malang's unique local food. You can buy it everywhere. At anytime! At small side street stalls and upmarket restaurants. Your stomach will thank you for the experience.
    One can best buy local food in a shop that is often visited by locals. Then you know the ingredients are fresh as turn over in the store is high.
  • 03Kampong Jodipan & Kampong Arema. These colorful neighborhoods - also known under the name Warna Warni and the blue kampong Arema - are a delight and give you a clear insight in local daily life.
  • 04 Ijen boulevard is decorated with all kinds of flowers and palm trees. The greened-up old-fashioned-Dutch architecture colonial houses and nowadays also contemporary architecture look impressive. Many side streets, Dempo and Lawu, give you the feeling to step back in time.
  • 05 Tugu monument is Malang's statue of liberty. Opened by Indonesia's first president Soekarno in 1953. The beautiful park surrounding the monument with trees over 100 years old is a refreshing spot for a pick nick early morning or late afternoon. The roundabout is also used for working out, walking and running.
  • 06 Guided tour through Tugu Hotel and Museum. The art, soul and romance of old Java. For IDR 75,000 you get a tour through Malang's most famous hotel, that actually is a museum with important historical artifacts. As not all staff is that well trained for the tour, you should bring your own mobile library to get full information. After the tour one can exchange the ticket in one of Tugu's the restaurants with local, European and Asian food. The kitchen opens 24 hours a day. Tugu Hotel also serves high tea at 16:00.
  • 07 Badut temple just 5 km west of Malang's city center, at an height of 508 m. Badut means clown. Located in the middle of a residential area, just 25 m from the main road through the area. When you get there try to imagine its beauty in its days gone by. If you bring your own mode of transport, travel via Jl. Raya Candi II, a stone craft neighborhood.
  • 08 Toko Oen. Ever since its opening in 1930 Toko Oen is a famous landmark. This restaurant's interior never-ever changed. Get there for the ambiance, its glamour. Take a drink or eat a home made ice cream to enjoy it to the fullest. Daily open from 08:00 till 21:30.
  • 09 Hawai Waterpark has about 6 big water-slides, a pool with smaller slides for children and a wave pool. Location: housing complex Graha Kencana Raya. Weekdays open from 10:00 till 16:00 - entrance fee IDR 75,000, weekend open from 08:00 till 17:00 - entrance fee IDR 100,000. And, next to Malang Night Paradise.
  • 10 Malang night paradise is local fun & family entertainment. Glowing lanterns and dinosaurs with a small science park. Daily open from 18:00 till 23:00. Weekdays IDR 35,000, weekends IDR 45,000. Location: Jl. Graha Kencana Raya No.66. And, next to Hawai waterpark.


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