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Cooking in the kampong in Malang - Javanese food


Come with us on a 3-day trip to East Java! See a beautiful waterfall Tumpak sewu, watch the sunrise at Mt. Bromo, and explore an interesting Ijen crater. Get ready for amazing views, rich culture, and unforgettable experiences. Don't miss out on this adventure in East Java!

Explore ijen plateau Banyuwangi

 Ijen Plateau is Indonesia’s most famous crater and lies in East Java, 2,600 meters tall, topped with a caldera with the world’s largest lake of highly acid (pH<0.5) and mineralized volcanic water. The lake has an average depth of 176 meters at a height of 2,368 m.
Perhaps Ijen crater lake is the most amazing Indonesian lake.



Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. at 07.00. We are fun runners, not fast runners. We have several gears though....Lets have fun .....Lets run....

Bromo eruption - March 2019

Since March 2019 the Bromo 1km safety radius is in force. One can't climb to the top of this active volcano.

Bromo by horse during the sacred Hindu month in 2019

April-May 2019 will be a motorized free month in the Bromo National Park. Bromo by horse adventure!

Badut temple - visit Malang city

Visit Malang city. chilly highland temperatures and a rich cultural history. An undiscovered gem you don not want to miss.

Natural home made soap

In Surabaya at 28 or 29 December 2018? Not yet a program?

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