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 Smartine Indonesia Travel is the travel company at the ground floor of our building. It is actually one company with Shelter Hostel Malang. 

The computer in front of the office is freely available to our guests, as well as the guitar and ukulele.


Stairs from the ground floor to the first floor - Shelter Hostel Malang



Travel company: our look and feel

Travel and stay with us

The Smartine team


The office team consists in 6 people. Dewi is the money-girl, Bayu, Latifah, Enggar, and Vinda are our travel specialists and guides, while Pian is the guardian angel who takes care that everything runs smoothly...
Inside the Helios/Smartine office - Malang city, East Java


At the office, you can ask everything. About Indonesia, the culture, the people, tours. All you would like to know. Or to have some small talk.
Enggar and Vinda play the guitar and ukulele - rest area in the office


A guitar and 2 ukuleles are available if you would like to make some music. Though not all staff-members might be great singers, their passion will make up for that!
The public computer - Shelter Hostel Malang


The computer is available. Free of charge, fast internet.
The Shelter friends are welcoming you


Homemade art. The Shelter friends are welcoming you... 
Shelter guests making fun with Pian


Guests make the story come around... Happy guests joking with Pian.



The best service and going local

We focus on service as a holiday should be something to remember because of the good things. You will notice when you step in...
We would love you to meet the authentic Indonesian cultures. We are your travel agency on the spot and know how to connect with locals to make your travels through Java and Bali something to remember, both in your hearth and in your mind.

Just information

If you just need information you are also welcome. Information about anything, varying from where to buy batteries for your camera to how to get to the beach by public transport.


Social obligations

As the Indonesian culture is a sharing culture, we do the same. Just in the kampongs around our office are plenty of people who need some help, especially older people without children or disabled. Monthly we share a part of our profit with those people. We also support the Art's Pala Volunteers in the Bromo area and the Dutch foundation "Wees een Kind" who enables 16 children to go to school.

Room Booking

Thanks for staying with us! Please fill out the form below and our staff will be in contact within 24 hours. If you wish to book for tonight, please call or WhatsApp: +62.81.332.095.007.